Eating & Drinking

Lokanta Feriye

Feriye, which brings together in its view the most iconic symbols of Istanbul, It offers an unforgettable experience with his restaurant. Right next to the Bosphorus, seasonally prepared with care it brings together the tastes of Istanbul with its guests with his menu.

Voi Coffee Company

VOI Coffee Company opened its first branch as a boutique store on Bağdat Street in 2014, and soon became one of the first successful representatives of 3rd wave coffee shops by gaining the admiration of the younger generation. With its branches opened in the most popular areas of Istanbul in recent years, it is urban, tasteful and continues to grow rapidly with its dynamic customer.

With its distinctive stance and professional staff, constantly updating itself, following the world, sticking to high standards, VOI now offers its regulars an experience area with a sea view in its Feriye branch.

+90 212 227 22 17


One of the city’s favorite traditions combining the best spots and flavors of fishing culture in its own history SeaSalt meets its regulars in Istanbul at Feriye. SeaSalt Feriye’s menu; flavors, are formed with the simple recipe and vision that it interprets in its own style in the kitchen. SeaSalt Feriye, which offers its guests the flavors of the Aegean Sea with its original menu, in addition to its neat and careful decoration in its own style, it brings together its guests in a different experience with its simple presentation details in line with the spirit of its cuisine.

+90 549 438 99 53

KULT Palace Feriye

Kult, one of the most important places in Alacatı manages to reflect its privileged style in its cocktails. KULT Palace, which has indoor and outdoor spaces in the historic Feriye building, is the main destination for those who follow city trends. KULT cocktails are not only delicious, they also have a beauty that impresses people with their visuals. It promises pleasant times with its stylish interior architecture, delicious menu and stylish music.

+90 212 227 2217